#write31days: Day 14 – Try

I want out. I want out of the full-time-working-for-someone-else gig. I want to be free to do my own thing, in my own way and on my own time. I used to feel selfish and irresponsible¬†for wanting those things. But today, I don't. Why? Because I believe those desires are not born out of my … Continue reading #write31days: Day 14 – Try


#write31days: Day 13 – Invite

I got in trouble once for altering an invitation. I was a kid; in middle school or high school, I think. My older sister and I had been invited to someone's birthday party but my sister was the more popular kid in school between the two of us. She got invited to everything and I … Continue reading #write31days: Day 13 – Invite