Today, Scott and I are flying to Haiti.

It’s not actually a Kaleidoscope trip, but we are going down there basically for the same reason. We’re documenting. Documenting what one family is doing in the country. 

We both work full-time for our Alma Mater. Scott’s been a videographer in the marketing department for 10 years, creating all kinds of promo-type videos for departments, events and other university needs. And, though, photography is not part of my “normal” duties as a Financial Analyst at ACU, my boss believes that any work for the university still benefits the university even if that “work” doesn’t fall within your actual university job description. Translation: he was happy to let me come along as the photographer. Which is pretty awesome.

This week, we’ll be covering the work that an alumni couple has been doing in Haiti for the last few years. We’ll also capture footage and photos of the help that a group of current ACU nursing students provide fort LiveBeyond this week.

So, here I sit in the Miami airport waiting to board the last of thee flights to get us from Abilene to Haiti. Once we land in Port-at-Prince, we’ll load up all the people and their luggage and drive to Thomazeu. 

Rumor has it that, on Haitian roads, this is a 2ish hour drive. And we’ll be in the back of a truck.

Memories of World Race travel days are flooding my mind! Haha.

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#write31days: cheating

I’m cheating today.

It’s been a really long and full four days here in Cambodia! I am pretty pooped and tomorrow Scott and I are hopping on a bus for a six hour ride to another city called Siem Reap. There, we will continue capturing “B-Roll” footage of Cambodia by capturing some shots of Angkor Wat and some of the other surrounding temples! …all that to say, I’m going to redirect you to the blog I wrote for Kaleidoscope today and use it as today’s post. 🙂

Don’t hate me.

#write31days: serving

A few years ago, I went on an eleven-month long mission trip.

I think I’ve mentioned it before. It was a really difficult experience for me. One that I’m still not sure I can see purpose in. It was a few weeks before leaving for the Race that I realized I no longer wanted to do it. My heart was not in it anymore and I was backpedaling. Fast. But I really felt that the Lord was calling me to the Race. It was just an option He was laying before me. He was inviting me, beckoning me to join Him on this particular journey. So…I launched. Strictly out of obedience. And I stayed out of obedience.

I had several raw, honest conversations with the Lord during that eleven month period and remember praying every day that He help me see Him in some way that I wouldn’t be able to if I were at home. I’m still not sure that He really did that, but I do know that He let me see myself in some ways that I wouldn’t have if I were at home.

And it was not a pretty sight.

One of the things I saw was that I like to serve. …but I like to serve on my own terms. When schedules change and communication is lacking, I get frustrated. When it’s hot and humid and sticky and I am hot and sweaty and stinky, I get grumpy. When I don’t see the point in what I’m doing, I become indifferent. When I know where I am but my sending organization has no clue, I get angry. These (among others) are things that I saw in myself as the Lord led me along the Race but, to be honest, I kinda just left it at that.

It wasn’t until Scott and I went on our first Kaleidoscope trip to Ghana that I began to try and sift through the emotions and engage the Lord in conversations about why I only like to serve on my own terms. That Ghana trip was a year-and-a-half ago. I’m not really much further in my understanding of the selfishness that is within me, but I do know that I am making progress.


Because I’m in Cambodia right now and all I really, truly want to do is serve as I can while I’m here. Yes, I still don’t enjoy being hot, sweaty and stinky or not really knowing what my day is going to look like (though, we have a much better idea of our days here than I did most of my time on the Race), but those things aren’t negating my desire to serve. I still want to in spite of them. Five years ago, I might have helped but I would not have served. There’s a heart component to serving in any ministry capacity, I think. And I am finally beginning to see some of it in my heart.


#write31days: travel

This is us right now.

Ok, well, it’s not a picture of our plane and we’re not even on the plane…yet. But, it is a perfect representation of wheat we’ll be doing very shortly.

Scott and I are sitting in the Houston airport less than half an hour away from boarding a flight to Moscow. Our ultimate destination, though, is Phnom Penh, Cambodia. We’re headed there to do some work for our nonprofit ministry, Kaleidoscope Media Ministries, and are so excited!

We love to travel. We also love to serve. So putting travel and serving together is a match made in heaven for us.

I intend to continue my #write31days challenge while we’re across the world, but may have to post several blogs at the same time depending on how easily we can find internet. 🙂

#write31days: capturing pieces

A few years ago, I made a crazy journey around the world living and serving in some of the poorest countries across the globe. It was an incredible experience and I am still humbled to this day that I was able to do it.

I spent one month of that experience in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. My team partnered with an American couple who was living in the city spreading the love of God through relationships that they were building with people in their community and the small church that they had planted. It ended up being one of my favorite months on the Race, not only because of the ministry we were doing, but also because of the connection that I made with my team’s contacts.


Since returning home from the Race, I’ve stayed in contact with Greg and Jane. Their ministry has grow and changed some since I was with them four-and-a-half years ago. And, when Scott and I began to make steps toward starting our nonprofit, I secretly hoped that Kaleidoscope might be able to partner with this couple and provide them with promotional videos that they could use to build support for what they continue to do in Cambodia. However, I wasn’t sure if Greg and Jane really needed what Kaleidoscope provided.

…until I received an email from Jane.

She had read an earlier email that Scott and I had sent to friends and family telling them about our dreams for Kaleidoscope and that we were in the midst of starting up the nonprofit. In Jane’s email, she slyly mentioned that they could use our services if we were ever interested in going over there. And I was thrilled! It felt like a confirmation that Scott and I were doing something that 1. was needed and 2. was in line with what God was already doing. So, we started communicating about us heading across the world.


You may have already guessed what’s coming next.

Yep. Scott and I are going to Cambodia! A week from tomorrow, actually.

…did you catch that?!


One week. From tomorrow.

*dances a little jig*