Break Free: Prayerfully

The heart of man plans his way,     but the Lord establishes his steps. Pr. 16:9 Over the last few months, I've been aware of a shift in my attitude toward breaking free from the 8-5 work life. There's a fire that's been lit within to quit piddling around and actually make strides toward success. I feel like it's … Continue reading Break Free: Prayerfully


See Jane run…and stumble upon a rock

A couple of weeks ago, I had a conversation with one of the horse trainers I've been working with for the last few months. It went something like this: Trainer: "I'm going to tell you something you're not going to like very much." Me: "...Ok." Trainer: "You need to drop 20lbs." Me: "Oh...uh, ok. Thanks." … Continue reading See Jane run…and stumble upon a rock