#write31days: Day 29 – Follow

Today, I was buddy riding on the back trails with another student at Gray's. Our two horses are not particularly fond of each other and, yet, Koal was happy to follow Penny. Maybe it was because the humans riding them are still learning to lead them or maybe it was just because he had no better … Continue reading #write31days: Day 29 – Follow


#write31days: Day 24 – Revise

I'm so grateful for the ability to revise, aren't you? I often find myself revising how I say, write, love, build, teach, interact, observe, support, confront or do anything with the various people, places, animals, projects and situations in my life. I don't have to do things the same way everytime if it no longer makes sense to do so. How … Continue reading #write31days: Day 24 – Revise