How we paid off a $20k car in 6 months

In May, my husband and I bought a car and chose to finance just under $20,000 in order to do so. Yesterday, we made the final payment on that loan. That's six months from the time of the first payment in June to the last in November. $20,000. Paid off in six months. Part of … Continue reading How we paid off a $20k car in 6 months


#write31days: Day 30 – Refine

I like efficiency. Like, for real. I would almost go so far as to say that I crave efficiency. It drives me nuts when things feel chaotic or messy and when processes are clunky and slow. As such, I'm constantly refining how things work. Especially in my job where there are many moving pieces and … Continue reading #write31days: Day 30 – Refine