Break Free: Prayerfully

The heart of man plans his way,
    but the Lord establishes his steps. Pr. 16:9

Over the last few months, I’ve been aware of a shift in my attitude toward breaking free from the 8-5 work life. There’s a fire that’s been lit within to quit piddling around and actually make strides toward success. I feel like it’s closer to being a real possibility than ever before and I’m hungry for it. The cynical side of me wonders if that’s just me being irrational and unrealistic. That maybe I’m romanticizing the idea too much and falling into the trap of thinking that breaking free will be a relatively easy and painless process. The optimistic side tells me it’s ok to be excited, even a little naive perhaps, at the possibility.

But, it’s the third dimension to my personality that really gives me hope that it might actually happen. This is the faith dimension. I am not just realistic or optimistic or some combination of the two. I am a combination of all three; realistic, optimistic and faithistic (just go with it). And faith changes everything.

You see, in the last several weeks, I have added one ingredient to the mix of pursuing freedom from 8-5 and it has made all the difference. What is that ingredient, you ask?


Not only am I finally inviting the Lord to join me on this journey to break free, I am asking His opinion on the matter. For years I’ve been struggling on my own. Trying to figure out how to get out of this life and into another by myself. Refusing to ask the Lord for His thoughts, input or guidance because I didn’t (still don’t sometimes) trust that He wants it for me. I know that, ultimately, I don’t want what He doesn’t want for my life. But, in the hear-and-now, it is not always easy for me to remember that. Instead, I focus on what I (think I) want and turn a deaf ear toward anything that doesn’t align with that want.

Break Free- PrayerfullyFor the last few months, however, I have started seeking the Lord. Asking Him for his guidance. Listening for His voice and then waiting to hear back from Him.

And, I believe, He is hearing me.

I also believe He’s not against this pursuit. If that were the case, I think He would have shown me by now. Instead, I’m actually feeling more confident in pursuing freedom from the 8-5 life. There’s a nudge in my spirit to keep moving forward.

It’s like one of those trust building exercises.

I’m blindfolded. He’s leading me. And I just keep feeling these little tugs at my fingers to take one more step; a small one, a timid one even, perhaps, but a step nonetheless. And with each step, I feel more joy and confidence. I feel the Lord’s delight. And then I feel another tug. I’m not quite sure where He’s leading me but I trust Him. I have to. He’s the only One who has eyes to see.

Closing thoughts

If you’re considering breaking free, don’t do it alone. You can’t do it alone. You are strong, intelligent, dedicated and resourceful. So am I. But we cannot do this thing alone. We have to invite the Lord into the journey and depend on His guidance to get us to the place we are really meant to be: free.


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