#write31days: Day 17 – Grow

I wish I were better at growing things.

Whether it’s flowers, plants or herbs, sometimes it seems as if all I am cable of is killing things. I keep trying but I haven’t yet found the “knack” of keeping them alive, much less helping them flourish. Usually, it seems to happen as a result of replanting which, as I understand, is necessary but can also be quite dangerous to the life of the plant.

Several years ago, I found myself being “replanted” by the Lord. I didn’t know it at the time, of course. I wasn’t aware of it until much, much later. Lucky for me, though, the Lord is a master at growing things. I mean, He created the whole world from literally nothing. Why couldn’t He also grow a new, healthy, abundant life from one that used to be chaotic and uncertain?

It was as if I were outgrowing the life I had been raised in and needed room to move into the life He had waiting for me. It wasn’t easy. There were “growing pains” but it was effective and I will forever be grateful for His grace and intervention to allow for it to occur.

Have you ever been replanted? Are you being replanted now?


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