#write31days: Day 6 – Story

I witnessed an event once where new members of a group wrote hurtful, hateful, mean or discouraging words, phrases and thoughts that had been said about them, to them or that they thought about themselves onto shirts with Sharpies.

Then they were blindfolded and older members of the group came around with duct tape, covered what was written and wrote uplifting, encouraging, positive and redemptive words on the tape. Symbolically replacing lies with truth.

Here’s my point.

Everyone has a story. We’re all walking around with baggage. Lies that we’ve bought into and that have anchored deep within our hearts and souls. Stuff we can’t even see or feel until someone asks us about it or identifies it for us.

But there is a bigger story out there, too. One that won’t erase our stories but can redeem them if we’ll let it. This story has love at the center; love and sacrifice. A love so intense we can’t fathom its depths and a sacrifice so perfect we can’t experience true freedom without it.

It’s the story of Jesus leaving Heaven, coming to Earth, living as a human and then willingly dying to redeem us from eternal death.

This story is true for me and for you. All we have to do is accept it.


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