#write31days: Day 3 – Create

I’m a creative.

It’s taken me years to admit that but it’s true. I’d always wanted to be a creative but never saw myself as one. Until recently. In the last five years or so it has become oh-so-clear to me that I was created to create. I was designed to design. I was made to make. I have other interests and talents, but this one…this one I have been ignoring. Distrusting. Choosing to believe that it wasn’t true because my level of or the results of my said “creativity” did not live up to some standard I’d made up in my head. I didn’t measure up, in other words, to someone else.

Funny, huh? Who am I to determine how I measure up anyway? God doesn’t measure my creativity (or lack thereof) by anything other than what He has asked me to do with it. All I have to do is do that.

Because my creativity should not be about me. It should be about Him.

Every Friday, the Five Minute Friday encourages bloggers to free-write on a specific topic for five minutes. And every October, the Write 31 Days challenge takes place. Combined, they translate into a daily, five-minute, free-written post on a specific topic. This post is a part of that combined challenge.

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