Today, Scott and I are flying to Haiti.

It’s not actually a Kaleidoscope trip, but we are going down there basically for the same reason. We’re documenting. Documenting what one family is doing in the country. 

We both work full-time for our Alma Mater. Scott’s been a videographer in the marketing department for 10 years, creating all kinds of promo-type videos for departments, events and other university needs. And, though, photography is not part of my “normal” duties as a Financial Analyst at ACU, my boss believes that any work for the university still benefits the university even if that “work” doesn’t fall within your actual university job description. Translation: he was happy to let me come along as the photographer. Which is pretty awesome.

This week, we’ll be covering the work that an alumni couple has been doing in Haiti for the last few years. We’ll also capture footage and photos of the help that a group of current ACU nursing students provide fort LiveBeyond this week.

So, here I sit in the Miami airport waiting to board the last of thee flights to get us from Abilene to Haiti. Once we land in Port-at-Prince, we’ll load up all the people and their luggage and drive to Thomazeu. 

Rumor has it that, on Haitian roads, this is a 2ish hour drive. And we’ll be in the back of a truck.

Memories of World Race travel days are flooding my mind! Haha.

(Posted via WP app on my phone. Please forgive any funky formatting or misspellings!) 


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