A Message Laced with Grace

When I was growing up, my mom would often say to me, “I’m about to knock you off that pedestal you’ve put yourself on.” It was her way of telling me that I had crossed a line and become “too big for my britches,” acting like and believing that I was something special. More special than someone else because of a talent that I had or how well I was doing in school or how athletic I was when it came to running. She didn’t want me to think of myself as being better than anyone for any reason. And, though her methods in teaching me were a bit rough and her words were harsh, it was a good lesson for me to learn. To this day, I hear her message anytime I feel like I might be better than another person.

But, I also hear another message.

I hear my Father’s message. And His message sounds a little bit different than Mom’s. His message still warns of His disapproval, His dislike, His opposition to prideful people, but it also reminds me that He will not cast me aside, tear me down or knock me off of my proverbial pedestal. Instead, He will extend grace to me, that I may see my faults and run to Him in repentance.

It is a message laced with grace.

[pullquote width=”300″ float=”left”]A prideful heart cannot accept this grace because it will not accept that it is sinful. (click to tweet) [/pullquote]

A prideful heart cannot accept this grace because it will not accept that it is sinful. And the Lord will not force His grace upon anyone. But a humble heart can – even when tempted with pride – welcome the gift of grace that He extends and walk through that temptation with His help.

I pray, today, that you and I are always humble enough to accept the Father’s grace, whether we think we need it or not.


I am thrilled to be featured in Sweet to the Soul’s #Grace series today! Go on over there and check out all the great posts!


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