#write31days: capturing pieces

A few years ago, I made a crazy journey around the world living and serving in some of the poorest countries across the globe. It was an incredible experience and I am still humbled to this day that I was able to do it.

I spent one month of that experience in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. My team partnered with an American couple who was living in the city spreading the love of God through relationships that they were building with people in their community and the small church that they had planted. It ended up being one of my favorite months on the Race, not only because of the ministry we were doing, but also because of the connection that I made with my team’s contacts.


Since returning home from the Race, I’ve stayed in contact with Greg and Jane. Their ministry has grow and changed some since I was with them four-and-a-half years ago. And, when Scott and I began to make steps toward starting our nonprofit, I secretly hoped that Kaleidoscope might be able to partner with this couple and provide them with promotional videos that they could use to build support for what they continue to do in Cambodia. However, I wasn’t sure if Greg and Jane really needed what Kaleidoscope provided.

…until I received an email from Jane.

She had read an earlier email that Scott and I had sent to friends and family telling them about our dreams for Kaleidoscope and that we were in the midst of starting up the nonprofit. In Jane’s email, she slyly mentioned that they could use our services if we were ever interested in going over there. And I was thrilled! It felt like a confirmation that Scott and I were doing something that 1. was needed and 2. was in line with what God was already doing. So, we started communicating about us heading across the world.


You may have already guessed what’s coming next.

Yep. Scott and I are going to Cambodia! A week from tomorrow, actually.

…did you catch that?!


One week. From tomorrow.

*dances a little jig*





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