#write31days: a blinking cursor

I have no idea what to write about tonight.

I have literally started – and trashed – this post five times. This is the most frustrating part of writing to me. Wanting to write, but not having anything to say. Needing to write, but not being able to put my thoughts in to coherent sentences. Hoping to write, but staring at a blinking cursor.

I’m ready to do this writing thing but I can’t seem to get the oh-so-necessary words to come. They dance around the edges of my senses and then float away when I try to grasp them and form them into meaningful thoughts.

It’s annoying.

And I am so tired of writing about it (just as I am sure you are tired of reading about it). But, for now, it seems that all I can write about (at least, to the extent that any of what I do is called “writing”) is my struggle with writing altogether. Ok, I know it’s not all I can write about. I’ve written about a few other things even in this challenge. But, it does seem that not being able to write is the most common topic I write on.


I guess I should be thankful that words do come, even if they’re not the words I’d prefer. Maybe I will be tomorrow. Tonight, I’m just frustrated. And I hope that tomorrow I can bring you, my Readers, something that encourages or challenges or even just interests you instead of focusing so much on myself.


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