#write31days: inspiration in the ordinary

It’s only the second day of the writing challenge and, as I sit down to write this post, I am met with a common issue: I have no idea what to write about.

This is where I often find myself with this whole writing thing.


Unable to move forward because I don’t have anything to say. Often, it’s where I stop and where I remain until days, weeks or even months pass and I try to write again. It’s easier to do that – to shut the laptop, walk back into the living room and lose hours in front of the television – than it is to keep pushing through and getting words on paper.

But I’ve never really stopped to ask myself the obvious question.

If I only write when I have something to say then why do I rarely have anything to say? Why don’t I have more to say?

And here’s what I think I’ve discovered. I only have something to say when I experience something that inspires me. Then, there’s this urge to get words out. Sometimes the words are about that particular experience and other times the experience encourages words about something else entirely. But, regardless of what they’re about, the words come.

I’m not sure what that says about me.

Logic would say that if I only write when I’m inspired then, judging by my inconsistent and sporadic writing, I must lead a less than inspired (at least, as I define it) life. Perhaps there’s some truth in that. My life is pretty normal, fairly routine and doesn’t have a lot of extraordinary things occur in it. And I’ve never been one of those people that could find meaning and inspiration in the ordinary.


[pullquote width=”300″ float=”left”]Just because I cannot find inspiration in the ordinary doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.[/pullquote]Just because I cannot find inspiration in the ordinary doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Perhaps it just means that I have to look a little harder, dig a little deeper or pray a little bolder to see it. Or, perhaps I need to create the inspiration myself.


What about you? Are there things you love to do that you get stuck in? Do you need inspiration before you can do something that fulfills you? Is it hard for you to find inspiration in the ordinary? I’d love to hear about it if so. Not in a “misery loves company” sort of way, but more in an “iron sharpens iron” way. Perhaps we can encourage each other to find the inspiration we need to do what we love no matter the form it takes.


4 thoughts on “#write31days: inspiration in the ordinary

  1. I think, like most of us, you are too hard on yourself. I too feel the need to write but for me my interior life is a thousand times more emotional than the still waters people see that I don’t know if I can control it in writing! So I come up with all kinds of reasons not to. Also, when you are basically a humble person it feels like arrogance to assume that anything we could write is worthwhile to anyone else. And perhaps that’s the key. Forget about the anyone else and write for yourself first. Writing publically feels sort of selfish, let’s admit it. But there is nothing wrong with that! Thank goodness so many other people have struggled through writing so we greedy readers have something to read! Of course we will always doubt and worry if it’s interesting or not, but you just have to tell yourself, so what? 99% of our life is “ordinary” so that’s what we are bound to write about! And finding joy in the ordinary is what we all crave, because quite honestly the extra-ordinary things are few and far inbetween for all of us. Finding meaning and significance in the everyday minutia seems impossible. But it’s all there, just waiting for us to peel the layer back a little for a peek inside. For example, after seeing the pictures of you with Pickles I fully expected to hear about that in your next blog, because I can SEE the pure joy you experience when you are with that horse! Whatever thoughts were going through you were inspirational to “see”, and I can only imagine how you were “feeling”! What your hands felt, what the scents of horses and hay conjured up in your mind, the imagined treks and future. Infact I was disappointed not to hear about it! Somehow I had set myself up with the full expectation that there would be some mention of horses! Lol! Maybe because I love horses too and rode as a child, but my severe allergies to horses ended that for me. I can’t even go to a rodeo without having a severe asthma attack. So I enjoy them instead from afar and vicariously through others. So perhaps to you that was just another ordinary chore and hard work, but how easily it can be something significant to the reader. Take a chance on just writing about the ordinary (to you) event in a day with no burden of it needing to be significant or inspirational and I think you will find that sometimes it will unfold into something beautiful! But primarily the goal of writing everyday is not that everyday will be easy or facinating, but like gold panning, the daily action of sifting through the dirt will reveal specks of gold that gradually become more than we started with. Ok, as usual I have rambled on until I don’t even make sense to myself! Ha! Ha! Just keep going, no matter what!


    • Oh Suzanne, how encouraging your words are to read! Thank you for reminding me that my writing is just as much for me as it might (hopefully…one day…) be for others. You, my friend, are so right.

      Also, check out the blog I’ll be posting later tonight! I think you might be please at its subject. 🙂


      • Yay! I just knew I was getting a horse vibe! Lol! I’m rooting for you to make it through the 31 days and that’s a lot of ordinary living! But remember that it’s easier for others to identify with the ordinary anyway, that’s what make writers like Sharon Randall so relatable. Do you ever read her column? I am constantly impressed by her oh so casual presentation of the everyday ordinary, accessible language and sparseness…that always leaves you with a surprising little heart tug. She has honed her craft and yet makes it seem so effortless! Here is one of my favorite columns, although really there are so many, but it seemed serendipitous that it popped up in my search with our current discussion.


        You can like her page on facebook too and read her column that way, it may help to trigger ideas for you. Hopefully I will get myself out of my funk and do the same soon, but for now it does me good to at least encourage you!


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