#write31days: Do What You Love

I like to do stuff. Actually, no, let me correct that statement.

love to do stuff.

But, it seems that I don’t do the stuff I love to do very often.

Writing, for example. I love to write. I really do. But, as is evident by the (limited number of) posts on this blog, I don’t actually write that often. A post here, one or two more there and then months pass by before I might get another one up.

Or, take another example: running. I used to run 15-20 miles a week. And I would do that every week for weeks on end. And then, it just kind of … stopped. Now, I’m doing good if I manage to get one mile in every few months.

I love to read and work with my horse and shoot photos. I love to doodle and play the violin and listen to music. And I absolutely love catching up with good friends and invaluable family members.

I can try to give you justifications as to why I don’t do the things I love to do. I have a busy job and a busy life. My husband and I started our own nonprofit organization and I’m on the Board of another nonprofit. I am a sponsor for my college social club. I serve in a couple of areas at church. There is a lot that is legitimately going on in my life.

It’d be easy to blame it on all of that and say that I just don’t have time for doing the things I love.

But, the truth is much less justifiable.

Because the truth is this: it’s not that I choose not to do the things I love to do. It’s just that I don’t choose to do them. Instead, I come home, sit down in my chair to eat supper and then hours pass by and I’ve done nothing except watch TV and/or browse the internet. What. A. Waste.

#write31days social media

This is why I’ve decided to join the #write31days challenge. It’s a challenge to not only write (and post) an entry once a day, every day, for the 31 days in October, but also for me to choose to do the things I love instead of allowing something else to take their place. Because this is the topic I’ve chosen to write on. I’m not entirely certain what my posts will look like from day-to-day yet. Perhaps I will focus on one thing that I love to do each week and write on it. Or maybe I’ll let each thing I love to do shine through each post in some way. Who knows. It doesn’t really matter. What matters it that I write. And I read. And I go see Pickles (my horse) and I doodle and I do things that I love to do. Every day. For a whole month.

Interested in joining me? I’d love to have you! Feel free to subscribe to my blog and/or grab the button I created for this challenge from my sidebar. Then, come by each day or week and share with me what “love” things you’re doing!

(p.s. I’m also challenging myself to take and edit a photo every day! Each day’s photo will be the featured image in that day’s post.)


2 thoughts on “#write31days: Do What You Love

    • Thank you! I’m really looking forward to it (obviously). Hope your #write31days challenge goes well! Thanks for stopping by!


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