five minute friday: welcome

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It’s a new year.

And I feel a little “new” myself. I feel like things that have been plaguing my heart for the last few years are starting to get shaken. Whatever has been keeping them stuck to me is starting to weaken and the ick is beginning to fall off.

And as it falls, I find myself inviting better things to take its place.

I welcome joy.
I welcome happiness.
I welcome freedom.
I welcome motivation.
I welcome determination.
I welcome peace.

But most of all, I welcome Father to come and remind me of who I am and Whose I am. I welcome Him to speak to the inner most parts of my being and awaken the desire to chase after Him, wholeheartedly, again. I welcome Him to open my eyes to see Him in my daily life.

And I welcome Him to show me more of Himself as we walk together.


3 thoughts on “five minute friday: welcome

  1. Thanks for your beautiful words, Jo! So important to welcome the Lord in this new year, too and all the wonderful things he brings with him. Happy Friday to you!


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