five minute friday: new

It’s a new day. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come, but today is here.

What are you going to do with it?

If you’re like me, you’ve been feeling very “stuck” in life lately. Whether it’s a job or a dream you’re pursuing that seems to have stalled or finding yourself in the drive thru line at McDonald’s that doesn’t ever seem to move, feeling stuck can be frustrating. Especially if that stuck keeps you in places you don’t want to be in.

But each day brings the opportunity to see where you are as the place you’re supposed to be. To look at your situation with new eyes and realize that, maybe, there’s a purpose to the stuckness. It also brings the opportunity to continue to identify the glue that keeps you there. What does that glue look, feel and act like? Is it the financial implications that keep you in a job that is not fulfilling? Is it too many “to do’s” on the list of the getting the dream you have up and running that you’re paralyzed to do even one thing?

Don’t dwell on where you’re not, friend. Look to where you’re going, but take heart in where you are today.

Because each day has something new to offer you.

Don’t let it slip away.


This post is part of a larger community of bloggers called Five Minute Friday with this post. And, this month, they’re doing something a little different!  31 Days of five minute free writes! Check it out for more details!


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